While recycling and education are important to cutting Athens' dependency on single use plastic bags, legislative change is crucial for longterm change.


We support a 5 to 10 cent fee to be placed on plastic bags in order to place Athens as a pioneer in sustainability  on the same caliber as Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., and California.


If a fee or tax is implemented, it doesn't have to be expensive to have an impact in consumptiol. Washington D.C.’s 2009 5-cent bag tax reduced usage by as much as 60%. 


In 2012 San José, California instated a ban on plastic bags and a 10 cent fee on paper bags and saw vast improvements according to data from a series of surveys: "the ordinance and the bag fee have been effective in reducing plastic bag litter by 89% in storm drain systems, 60% in creeks and rivers, and 59% in San José streets and neighborhoods"


Before proposing a bill to the Athens-Clarke County we will gather support from local businesses and citizen signatures. After gaining support, we will work with our 10 County Commissioners to 


For more information on legislation check out the following websites:

Plastic bags affect all of Athens, even the steps of city hall.

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