Plastic Bag Recycling Locations

Athens-Clarke County upgraded several years ago to a single stream recycling system in an effort to drastically increase our county's recycling rate. This means recyclables are automatically sorted at the recycling center. Plastic film gets caught in the gears and can damage equipment, therefore plastic bags and other plastic film must be collected separately!


Find your closest location and bring not just your plastic bags, but bread bags, dry cleaning bags, ziplock bags with zipper removed, produce bags, shipping/packaging, newspaper bags, and any plastic film!

If your plastic film stretches (instead of tearing) and it's clean, it can go in our bins.

Main Lobby
Lobby when you enter from the Myers' Quad end of the building
First Floor in Laundry Room (only available to residents)
First floor trash room (only available to residents)
In Lobby across from front desk
Inside past desks (only available to residents)
1005 College Ave
Athens, GA 30601
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